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With so many potential opportunities to advertise your products or services, you could be forgiven for thinking it a minefield. Online or offline, printed word, spoken word, concentrated or widespread, then there’s the message, content, style and duration of campaign to decide upon. And then there’s budget! Do you know what you should be paying? Do you know how to get reciprocal editorial?

At Nigel Davis Marketing, we have been dealing with suppliers and buying media space for many years. We enjoy good relationships with many in the media despite our negotiating hard and in turn, they respect and understand that we put our clients first every time.
We not only structure the campaign, but design each element of the ads including professional copywriting.

• Advertising campaign planning and costing
• Price negotiation and placement
• Advertising design
• Copywriting
• Online and offline
• From printed publications to billboards, radio and internet

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